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Friday, January 20, 2017

Post 4 - Some papers to submit.

Group yourselves with 3-members. Please submit the following: Paper 1. What is science? What are the methods of science? What is Philosophy of science? Paper 2, What is sociology? What are some of the theories of sociology. This should be printed and generated via Word computer program. Maximum of 2-3 pages per topic . 01 Feb. submission date. Names of group members shall appear on top left side with the date of submission. It shall be completed with your references or a bibliographic exhibit at the end of your paper.

Cultural Video Fest (CVF)

The cultural video fest (CVF) is a graded activity under SO 101. Students are ask to group themselves with 3-members. From drawn lots you are to report a certain topic and a date you are going to report. The video shall be harvested from You Tube, thus, you need not make one. Each group shall be given two different topics of a video that last only 3-8 minutes. Example of this video is tatoo making from North of Luzon, dance of Cebu in-mates to the tune of Michael Jackson's music, or the Surma lip-plating practices. The regime of culture is really a wide expanse. Another topic is, Japanese etiquette's do's and dont's. A list will be provided for this. Feedback, welcome.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Welcome students SY 2017-18 Second Semester

Dear Students, This blogspot will be the social media platform that I am going to use to communicate to you regarding this introductory course for Sociology. For starters it will be getting to know each other. For the next two sessions, please bring a your family picture around 3 pieces, any picture on your last graduation or any picture you want to share when you were a baby. You are going to share this to the class in our getting to know each other. I hope to run this activity up to two sessions. In the meantime we shall make do what we have at the moment inside the classroom. Second, we are going to view as an introduction about our planet earth and the evolution of human and making them as social beings. Why were they social beings in the first place? Is it possible that a human being to live by him/herself, alone? We will be viewing two video about our planet and about ourselves. Then, it will be your turn. You will be reporting a topic based on our textbook, Sociology, A Modular approach. It will be 16 chapters. Please look for a partner that you can work with for the said assigned date reporting. Please take note of your report date. Should there be changes in our academic calendar we will discuss the change. I will be discussing how you will be graded. Communication can be addressed via email: Should there be clarification or dispute, we should communicate on the issue with transparency. Please be on time because I will be closing the door once I have arrived, this means be early on class before the teacher enters the classroom. Freely communicate your thought because we will be discussing on the idea. We will discuss opinions, habits, behaviors and most of all we will discuss the method of science and evidence. Till the next communication.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Video on Culture. Inspiring messages.

As to the video on culture, you are to group yourselves in to 3-member team. You task is to look at YouTube for video clips on varying culture of people around the world, only one country (2-3 minutes only). This shall be presented to the class after the class-chapter report. You should ask for a date to show this project, Please approach your teacher. Included into this project is entitled: Inspiring messages. A videoclip of 2 -3 minutes running time. We want to be inspired by people of great stature, eg. The Dalai Lama's messages. Michele Obama on women. Etc. This is 100 points as part of the subject requirement. Get in touch for inquiry. Start of presentation is 12 October up to 23 November.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

On the regime of Ferdinand Marcos

Required reading on looking at the past, shaping the future. Life of Trajano. Read this article and ask them if your grandparents are familiar with this story. Interview you grandparents about martial law and what do they think about it. Individual paper, 2 pages only. Deadline 23 September.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Post 02: Understanding Human rights

An article written by regular columnist Randy David on Human rights is worth reading given the atmosphere of instant death pervading the territory called the Philippines. Just clink on the LINK. You are to do a research on "The Origins of Human Rights". You can Google the subject and print them. This is group work (The same grouping that met last 05 August, Friday. Give at least 5-group shared insights. Just one page only. Format: Word generated report. To be submitted written on a short bond paper. Deadline is: 19 August, Friday. Classroom as venue. Query? Do write at

Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome Sociology Students SY2016-2017 First Semester

Dear Students, From now on we will interact and communicate from this media platform, my own blogspot. This has been used by my former students of the past and my former grade 5 and 6 gradeschool students from Ateneo. You will understand why as we meet these coming days. Thus, this is our communication platform wherein assignments shall be posted. Feedback/querrie can be sent via Assignment #01. In the groupings that ware created today, you are to submit a research work on "Why is 12 July significant to the people and to the world, but sadly to the Communist Party of China who claims the whole South China Sea." You are to submit at least 3-pages of the arguments why the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. You can also Google Justice Carpio on Philippines and the South China Sea Claim, the Exclusive Economic zones. Do understand these papers so that you will be able to discuss them with strangers expressing your opinion. Assignment 02: Bring you family picture, digital or printed. They are picture when your are a baby, picture of your family and your high school graduation.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Alohomora Post 18 Final

This is Alohomora Post 18 Final. You will be redirected to Facebook account: Alohomora Private. This is a continuation from this blogspot which was a temporary residence for Alohomora post. Go there now for latest assignments. Thank you.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Alohomora post 16, Skills and habits

One of the fundamental key in successful living lies in the bedrock of knowledge and understanding. We come to the point that knowing and understanding liberates or gives us that exhilarating feeling. But we can not rest on the feeling, the knowledge of the skill should be practiced and becomes a habit. Thus, you can "perfect" your presentation skill by practicing over and over. When you do this, the skill becomes trained to your neural brain connections. If you add more practice then these connections become entrenched, thus they will now become habitual on your part. Thus we have this term, "force-of-habit". When you keep on performing the force-of-habit becomes a part of you. Fundamentally, we start with knowledge, then we get to know that knowledge or skill. Once we practice and repeat a magic act, the act becomes trained into our body that becomes a part of us. If you fail to practice or repeat it, they they get lost, perhaps forever.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alohomora Post 17 Magician's code

Remember the magician's code: 1. Don't reveal the secret, even to your best friend! 2. Don't perform the same trick twice before the same audience, 3. Don't do any trick until you have practiced and perfected it thoroughly, 4. Don't knock other magicians. Do unto them as you would have them do unto you. Contributed by Allan Lambie, Reference: Practical Magic Edited by David Robbins (c) 1953.

Alohomora Post 16

You will be having a long vacation. I am encouraging you to practice your routine over and over again until you perfect your moves. At the beginning it will be difficult. One of my former summer student will be performing at Aura this coming Sunday. His interest led him to do magic performance. Note that YouTube can teach you a lot of moves in magic. Keep on performing.

Alohomora Post 15

Should you lost a given magic props please ask your parents to order the item by emailing me at The subject is Lost Item. I will respond to that email and will give your parents the details of the order. Should you want to order a magic props which is not in your kit which you saw at school, you can order it with subject: Additional magic items. I will respond to your parents for the order. Your order may take a three weeks to arrive. I will be indicating the date as to when I will hand over the items. Thank you very much

Monday, December 7, 2015

Alohomora Quiz 01

This will be for classes of Monday and Tuesday. Part 1. Instruction: 1. Answer the following or identify: 1. What do you call a soft round red ball that we use in our COCA? 2,3,4,5, What are the four suits in a deck of card? 6. What suit has a red color? 7. What suit has a black color? 8. When you perform the three hanging one peso coin, where do you place the one peso coin? 9. When you produce a coin, there is a technique to produce the coin, it is placed on your hand, what do you call that technique? 10. Where do you place your magic stuff? Part 2. Name all the magic stuff that were given to you from the start to the last day of class this December. Subject: Quiz 01. Kindly submit your answers via email: with the subject: Quiz Alohomora. The deadline is 30 December 2015. Please ask assistance from your parents. NB: I am encouraging our parents to review the Alohomora posts that they might have missed. Salamat po.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Alohomora Post 14

In case you are wondering as to the Leonidas chocolate store as a background picture of this blogspot, it was taken at MOA last 2006. I do not own the said store. The Leonidas owners came from Belgium. Indeed they produce superb chocolates. My Leonidas roots come from, Calauag, Quezon.

Alohomora Post 12, Lost magic props

Dear Students, Part of your magic performance is your props. Thus, you should have a bag for this. Preferably a bag you can sling onto your shoulder for security. The bag also organizes your magic materials. If you have lost your magic materials, ask your Mom or Dad to email me at with subject: Magic order. I will respond to you just the same. It may take weeks to replace what you have lost. Thank you.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Alohomora Post 10

After the last day of our classes, I will be posting a short quiz for you to answer. This is to measure how much you have learned on our COCA. Of course we will continue the performance session that you are going to do inside our class. Thus, you have to practice, practice, practice your magic routine. And do not reveal the secret of the magic. It is for you to keep. Thank you.

Alohomora Post 9

Part of your magic kit is a magnetic ring. Please bring an empty mineral water plastic bottle with a cap in it. You shall bring this bottle on the 23rd and 24th November which is on your assigned schedule. Also bring one peso coin. The mouth of the bottle is fitted for the one peso to enter the bottle. Please do not remove the plastic brand name of the said plastic bottle, we are going to use it and is vital to the performance. The magnetic ring should not be dropped because it might break. Again, please bring your magic bag every time we have our COCA session. Also, ask your Mom and Dad to buy you a cloth hand gloves. We are going to use it in the coming days. If you have read this, or your Mom or Dad, send email immediately with subject "Read Alohomora Post 9". If you are one of the first five responder you will have a gift magic prop. Always take care of your magic props. If you lose it, then it will take sometime to re-order it. Re-ordering shall be done via-email. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alohomora Post 8

On 16th and 24th of November in your respective schedule, please bring a brown envelop size 9 inches by 12 inches (one only). The envelop is your protector to a new magic props to be given on the next meeting. Reminder: Always check on this website because the first students or their parents who responded to a request for an email will get a surprise magic props gift. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alohomora Post 7 Learning from You Tube

This is entitled "Best card trick in the world". It is made by Ultradeep with 20M views. Please learn this with your parents. This will be a fun family activity. Alohohora Post 6 is the same card routine. One of my request is that, I need confirmation if you have viewed this video. Ask the help of your parents by emailing me at: Subject: Seen the video.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Alohomora Post 6 Learning from YouTube

I call this magic trick the different colored back card. It is a tutorial and can be learned at your home we will discuss this next month. Just to check viewership success, if you were able to open the link please email at for cnnfirmation. Subject: Viewed link. Thank you.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Alohomora Post 5

This coming week, students shall be perform at least two magic moves either using card, coin, coffee cup and other tricks that were taught inside the classroom. I will be observing and correcting your performance. This will also be part of individual assessment in your learning. My reminder to you is that you practice your favorite magic trick. I want a good performance. Good luck!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Alohomora Post 4

Alohomora Post 4. For those who have not paid their dues for our activity, please remind your parents to pay on or before 15 October. We need the fees so that we can purchase the magic props that we will be needing. Some of these props will be used for our gala presentation which closes our magic class. Second, please bring your magic magic in our date sessions so that we can hone your skills in the deliver of your magic presentation. I am noting down those who have brought their magic bags. For the Monday class we will have a teacher-visitor to observe our class in magic. For the Tuesday and Monday classes please be prepared for two card tricks for you to perform. Know how to perform the empty bottle trick and the floating coffee cup. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alohomora Post 3

Dear Students. Just to remind you certain things on presenting magic. 1. Never present any magical act unless you have practiced, practiced, practiced your act. Thus, when you learn an act in our classroom session, practice the act for 22 times. Best to do it in front of a mirror. Then present it to your Mom and Dad, then to your elder brother and sister. Do not get discouraged. Always present if you have time, but you have to ask permission first, as you enter, "Do you want to see magic?" 2. Here is the list of what I have taught you: a. The empty mineral water bottle and the cap. b. On cards, know the bottom card by simply peeking the value of the bottom card, then have your audience pick a card. With the method by using your thumb to pull out the bottom card which you already know, then you can say what selected value card. c. Card palming, practice palming a one peso or five peso coin for one hour. Make it natural. Look at the mirror if you are palming naturally. d. Back palming: Clip the coin in between your index and middle finger. Then make a grabbing action to make the coin appear. e. Practice the alluminum can (with a P.25 centavo coin already inside. Hard to explain here best to see me on how to do it and I will demonstrate). Your assignment: 1. At home, you should practice the four routines that I taught you. Then you will be asked to perform only one magic routine in our next meeting. 2. Bring your magic bag with its contents. Also bring a one-peso coin. Also bring an empty styro coffee cup, the white one. Good luck to all and make your day magical! For feedback from Mom and Dad and you: Please email: with subject Alohomora.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Magic Club

Session 01. 1. This blogspot will serve as our communication center for my student taking up a beginners course on magic. 2. For session two we will do a practice on the empty mineral bottle. In our last session I taught you how to present the empty bottle routine. Continue to practice this routine because this possess a strong illusion-effect. Go in-front of a mirror and practice 14 times. See if you are comfortable with your performance. I the answer is Yes, then perform first to your parents or your significant others. 3. Second, we are going to learn the basic of card manipulation and the nature of the playing card. I am leaving here a link that will direct you to Wikipedia. Just click on the link. You have a month to read this, then we will have a quiz on what are the suits of the card. 4. In this link, (only in picture) David Blaine is doing a magic act with Bill Gates of Microsoft, Henry Kissinger of the Nixon era, Bloomberg of New York City. Do read this article. You have two months to read this. 5. Bring your magic bag. Your magic bag is your loyal companion when you present magic. It contains your magic stuffs or props. 6. Again, Never Reveal the magic secret to your audience. Always be prepared to perform.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Amazing Filipinos

Amazing Filipinos, this is a subject that you may want to do a research. It is voluntary paper. It sets off a 5-points plus in your general score points. Deadline: June 4, thursday. For reference go watch, CNNPhilippines at 6:00 pm news, daily weekdays. Include photos of your subject.

Boat people, Rohingya

Recent events focused on the Rohingya. Do a research on who they are. Second, what made them flee from their land? What is the response of other country on their plight? What is the response of the Philippines. This paper shall be submitted on 29th May. Answer the 3-questions. Do not forget to site your reference which shall appear at the end of your report. 2-3 pages. Use 8x11 paper. 12 points font. This will be a group paper of 5-members. Further questions on this project please email me at All submission shall be on 8x11 inches paper or small size unless a new rule is announced.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Roll the die

This article caught my attention and I decided to give this a required reading for the course. Please click on the link: You are to submit a reaction paper on the 20th of May. Site a statement in the article that you can related with and why. Thus, in the body of your paper, eg. 1. "...quoted from the paper." I can relate on this statement because.... (site at least 3 statements. Submit on a word processed report on a short bond paper, printed. No handwritten report. Double space your work. Write your name at the left top side of your paper and your class schedule. Write the date of submission. 100% points.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Rear View

My Rear View is my social commentary on our society, on the micro and macro level. It is nested on this blogspot: I chose this title after musing on what title to pick or formulate so I decided on My Rear View. I likened this title as to the rear view mirror of a vehicle. I quipped one time that, the past is past but it is all over us up to this time. The past is history and I am convinced that we can learn a lot from history. ***** Reading from North Frye, I came into these reflections on how humans will fulfill the human agenda as it relate with nature, though he is part of it: Humans: 1. Will always make a meaning on how it relates with nature, 2. Will discover the use value of nature towards human projects and human ends, 3. Will contend with the morality of its relationship with nature and humans as how nature is used for human purpose, 4. Will define the limits of these relationships and will project to regulate human actions, 5. Providing a meaning of these dynamics as it comes into play, having in mind the direct outcomes and the indirect or latent ones. ***** A friend of this Catholic country, Pope Francis of Vatican came for a five day memorable experience by the faithful. Estimates by authorities say that close to 6 to 7 million people attended the open Eucharistic celebration held at the Quirino grandstand at Luneta. The ocean of people shown by the media is a political message in itself. For in numbers, there is power. Today, Monday, Pope Francis will bid the country goodbye. The euphoria was expressed and will settle down. We will be back to "business-as-usual", the slow grind of justice in our court systems will take its own toll. The traffic jam from EDSA to Baguio City will still be experienced. Jockeying for positions in the 2016 election machinery will the gears be oiled. I would like to suggest that the Catholic Dioceses will take seriously the studying of Pope Francis messages. The faithful should go back to the text, read, study and apply it to the Christian demands of living in society. If this will not be done then the visit may go into oblivion. Pope Francis in a way was changed by this experience as much as the faithfuls of this country is also changed. ***** In Pope Francis' message last 16 January at the Malacanan, "[T]ogether with many other countries in Asia, faces the challenge of building on solid foundations a modern society - a society respectful of authentic human values, protective of our God-given human dignity and rights, and ready to confront the new and complex political and ethical questions." With this quote Pope Francis believes that the march of modernization cannot be stopped. The main feature of this modern and complex society is that knowing will be based on scientific activity. A new set of "priests" will be the scientists studying intently the behavior of nature and predict its outcome. Thus, we will be seeing the continuing establishments of centers of learning like universities, colleges and now the huge open-online system of learning propelled by computers, search engines like Google and Yahoo platforms. This new millenium will be the talk of humans wherein knowledge, its production and usage will be the talk of the town. The good news is that knowledge is now easily accessible and it lies at the top of one's palm by using a smart phone. *****

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video Festival

Guideline on Video festival presentation: Preferably present the High Definition format (HD). Thanks.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Readings on Martial Law

Create a group with 4-members. Read Philippine Daily Inquirer dated, 21 September 2014 article, "I'm afraid but I must write to let young people know" by Fr. Ruben Alforque, MSC. This is his story when he was arrested during martial law. Group output paper: Research on why martial law was declared on 21 September 1972. Review your parents or your grand parents about their experience on martial law and what they think about it. Submit on WF class Oct 01, TTh Oct. 02. 5 pages with reference. Our library has a good collection on this subject matter, martial law.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Divisoria Challenge

The Divisoria challenge shall be a grouping of five people. The challenge is to buy as much item that you can out of the P500 (as contributed for each one equally) from Divisoria or at 168. You have to assign a video recorder (your classmate) and a leader. Make a documentary (Divisoria challenge area only) for this event of 1-2 minutes will be viewed in one of our class days. Enjoy the challenge. Note: Please follow instructions by our guides on 8 Sept. 2014 educational trip. Wish to all well.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Seven people I wish to meet here on Earth

The above title post is your group paper for your final exam. Seven people I wish to meet here on Earth. These are the stories of people, Filipino and neighbors who, despite the hardships, he/she made it to the good life or what we usually hear as "success in life". Of course the definition of success can be cognitively neutral. Success will be defined by the meaning-giver. Thus, in a 5-member comprising a group (shall not exceed and number can go down) you are to write the seven models that you would like to meet, eg. Mother Teresa can be one of them, or Siddhartha, to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Here is the structure: First page: Names of your models. Below are the group's complete names and class schedule. Each model shall have a short biographic sketch, or information about the person (2-pages). Answer the following: 1. What are the difficulties that the model encountered? 2. How was he/she able to transform the problem into his advantage? 3. State in highlighted form the values he/she practiced or adhered to in life, eg. frugality, studying the problem intently, problem solving attitude, honesty etc. Around 6-10 values that you can identify. 4. What do you find striking in the person? 5. In your essay use sociological terms in the narrative that you are going to write about your model and highlight them in your paper. 6. One page reflection paper on how you worked and interacted with your group. 7. Should there exist a CD copy of your model you can include them for my viewing. It will be returned at an assigned date. 9. The report should be printed on papers of 8" x 11" or short size. I shall be inside a folder using a plastic fastener. Deadline of submission is sometime on October. Specific date will be announced. Good luck!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Inspiring Quotes

In a group of three members, submit your favorite 10 quotations that has the theme of human success, love of country, compassion, charity to others, basic human values and taking care of one self. Font 12 pts. To be submitted: 28, 29 August 2014.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Polygamy in the bible

Read by clicking the link:

Memorial to those who perished at Malaysian flight MH17

The project shall be comprised of 5-members per group. This shall be submitted to answer the following: 1. What happened to Malaysian flight MH 17? 2. Who are the one's blamed to have done this act? 3. Describe the conflict at Ukraine particularly at the Eastern part of Ukraine? Why is Russia involved? 4. Who are the victims? (pictures and their background). 5. What are the processes being done to get justice for the innocent passengers? 6. Other information. 7. As a group, what can you do on this issue? This is to be your preliminary project in lieu of a written exam. Maximum of 25 pages, minimum of 10 pages. The first page shall be a title on this issue, you can decide on the title. At the same page, the names of your group mates. This shall be submitted 21-22 August.

Gaza and Israel

Last July we saw the abduction of Israeli and the consequent reaction of the State of Israel against the Hamas at the Gaza strip. Here is a voice that wanted to be heard. The voice of Rabbi Michael Lerner. Please click on the link.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

In Paradox

The House that Wisdom Builds Sunday, July 27, 2014 “Paradox” comes from two Greek words: para + doksos, meaning beyond the teaching or beyond the opinion. A paradox emerges when you’ve started to reconcile seeming contradictions, consciously or unconsciously. Paradox is the ability to live with contradictions without making them mutually exclusive, realizing they can often be both/and instead of either/or. G. K. Chesterton said that “a paradox is often a truth standing on its head to get our attention”! “Dialectic” is the process of overcoming seeming opposites by uncovering a reconciling third. The third way is not simply a third opinion. It’s a third space, a holding tank, where you hold the truth in both positions without dismissing either one of them. It often becomes the “house that wisdom builds” (Proverbs 9:1-6). It’s really the fruit of a contemplative mind. Contemplation gives us an inner capacity to live with paradoxes and contradictions. It is a quantum leap in our tolerance for ambiguity and mystery. More than anything else, this new way of processing the moment is what moves us from mere intelligence, or correct information, to what we normally mean by wisdom or non-dual thinking. The contemporary mind has almost no training in dialectical thought processes or how to think paradoxically. In fact, what it often means to be “smart” is the ability to make more and more clever distinctions! And we never experience things in their wholeness, thus the angry politics and the angry religion that is overwhelming so many of us today. Adapted from Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps, p. 53; Holding the Tension: The Power of Paradox, discs 1 and 3 (CD, MP3 download); and Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi, pp. 71-72 Gateway to Silence: Abide in the One who holds everything together.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Norway education

Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen is a place located at Norway. Do a research on its environment, social character and culture of the people. This is a group work, regular paper (100%) Four person composition. 2-3 pages, complete with reference. Do follow the format. Date of submission 14, 15 August. Last part will be a response to, "Living at Longyearbyen I will..." & "I will miss the following...(Why)".

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear JPE, looking back at what they did.

Your generation will not have a collective memory of what Martial is all about. Here is a glimpse of it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DAP issue

The previous assignment on DAP is taken over by this assignment with new instructions. New deadline 5 & 6 August, with respective schedule. This intention was kicked-off by President Noy's televised message last Monday, 14 July from Malacanang. There seems to be new developments on the DAP issue and the new emerging relationship between Malacanang and the Supreme Court. It now sharpens the picture of the two somewhat protagonists. Here is the new assignment: 1. Gather materials on the DAP issue and read them. Particularly read also the decision of the Supreme Court. 2. Listen to video clips of President's Noy (PNOy) message last 14 July. 3. Read from other commentator or opinion makers, columnist on this issue. 4. Write the following: Summary of the Supreme Court's decision on the DAP. Summary of Malacanang's position on the DAP. Summary of other opinion makers on their perspective on the DAP, particularly after 14 July's fall-out. Read Randy David's opinion on the DAP and Senator's TG Guingona on the issue, visit this site: 5. Same format. Minimum of 6 pages, maximum of 12. You can copy paste relevant quotation. Do not forget to quote the source. PS: Google Raissa Robles on her articles on the said issue

Monday, July 14, 2014

Class reporting, suspension of classes

Our class schedule can be affected by class suspension due to typhoons visiting our space. Authorities will have a say to suspend our classes. In case there is a suspension, the day your are scheduled to report, you are going to report on the following day. The reporter assigned to that day should also report. Thus, there will be two reports on the said day due to the previous suspension of our class. May I reiterate that you should rehearse your reporting. Thank you.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Read how to acquire knowledge, it is in this blogspot.

DAP - Development Acceleration Program

Instructions: 1. In a group with 4 or 5 members, submit a research on the controversy that is the DAP, Development Acceleration Program. Get to know the DAP, What is the history of DAP? who are the major actors of the DAP, what are the issues that surround the DAP? Why what it brought to the Supreme Court? What was the decision of the SC? What is the fall-out? 2. Same format 3. Submission date:30-31 July

Carl Sagan and Evolution

Please view Carl Sagan's presentation of Evolution. Search in my blogspot as content. For discussion. Select a class representative to copy it at her USB and bring at school for discussion.

Video Festival

Instuctions: 1. You are to group yourselves with 3 or 4 members. 2. You are to present video clips from You tube the following: Cultural practices of a particular country of your groups choice. 3. You are going to present: Their culture practice, example: Wedding, songs, Padaung "neck stretching" (search at You Tube) their particular dance or dance steps (see Indian Dances). Presentation can be 3 to 4 video clips. Presentation can be up to 6 to 8 minutes. 4. Dates will be announced later.

Reporting the chapters, SY 2014-15 First semester

Instructions: 1. Reporting should be on a power point format. 2. Your team is to start with a relevant video connected to your chapter report. 3. Content of the report should be key concepts. You should be able to explain and give example. 4. We will observe the 60% text and 40% visuals. 5. Content: 40%, Delivery: 20%, visuals: 40% 6. It is mandatory that you should be rehearsing your report/performance, ask your classmate to critique you before reporting. Come to class prepared. 7. At the end of your report you are to present a video from You Tube an short (2-3 minutes) inspirational video clip. This will be followed by an How things are made (eg. ball bearing, soft drinks etc) and your favorite band or song. 8. Contact me if you have problems. Good luck

Stanley Kubrick, The meaningless of life

Stanley Kubrick, film maker: "The very meaningless of man forces man to create his own meaning."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome Students

Welcome Freshmen students of Summer 2014-15. This blogspot is an instrument to relay messages as fast as possible. This blogspot is one of the modern method of mass communication. You can see your assignment here and read articles relevant on this course. You can use the search bar and take advantage of the labels provided. One of the best strategy to take advantage of this course if to listen and take notes. Read, read and read. Do not lose appetite on reading. Reading makes us free. It liberates us from our own ego-prison.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

French women wearing veil

Read the link below and work on your assignment. French law says nobody can wear in a public space clothing intended to conceal the face. The penalty for doing so can be a 150-euro fine (£120; $205). Instructions: 1. Group yourselves into 4 or 5 group members. Do a group reflection paper on the said article, French Women wearing veil. 2. What is secularization? What is modernization? 3. Why did the French government ban the wearing of the veil (You can do further and related research on this, you can also research on the origins of wearing the veil). 4. Follow the agreed format. 5. Submission dates: July 18 & 16, inside classroom.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

China's Nine-claims demolished unrecognizably Nine dash claim that is China's table menu, is demolished into smeethereens by Justice Carpio.

Monday, April 21, 2014

How to acquire knowledge

Look for a recent article by Maria Popova on knowledge acquisition. In a group with 4 members do a reflection on the said article. Why is the article important? Defend your argument. Maximum of 3 pages, same format. Deadline 28 April, Monday.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Video clips

For those who presented their video clips, please send them at my email write your names and schedule for identity purpose. Subject: Cultural video clip

Saturday, January 25, 2014

American consumption

Notice to SO101 class: TTh 12:00, American consumption paper is due on 04 February 2014. Same format.